We are very pleased to announce that 48 teens will graduate from the Catholic Academy for Life Leadership (C.A.L.L.) in 2020, offered by the Diocese of Phoenix since 2010. They attended 3 years of seminars, 2 retreats, and performed at least 15 hours of volunteer service each year. Graduates of the C.A.L.L. program are eligible to become CALL Mentors for the younger teens.

The Catholic Academy for Life Leadership offers high school students formation in pro-life and love topics such as Theology of the Body, authentic relationships, marriage, the beauty of human reproduction, and bioethics, along with leadership opportunities. The program costs only $75 per teen per year, with discounts for siblings and for those who attend their parish youth group. Certificates are provided and the leadership component is something all colleges are looking for!

Please visit the C.A.L.L. website  for more information. You can also find us and “like” us on Facebook!