Boston Cross Check (BCC)

Boston Cross Check is a modern, customizable, evidence-based method of natural fertility management. Couples will be taught to observe, chart, and interpret 3 biomarkers: cervical fluid, basal body temperature, and urinary hormone levels. Couples will choose at least 2 biomarkers to track, and cross check them to determine the start and end of the fertile window. Whether couples are looking to achieve pregnancy, avoid pregnancy, or monitor gynecological health, the BCC method has earned a reputation for its versatility and effectiveness.

Sessions 1-3 are group teaching sessions lasting 2-2.5 hours. Couples will meet privately with instructors after class or virtually later that week for chart review.  PDFs of the slides will be emailed prior to each session. The final session will be a 30 minute private follow-up held virtually.

Unlimited chart review and follow-up is available for 6 cycles. Couples may add an additional support for a cost paid directly to the instructor.

Couples will receive a box of LH tests and an oral basal body thermometer. All couples will be instructed on cervical fluid, LH tests, and oral basal body temperature.

Couples wishing to use the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, Tempdrop, and/or Proov must purchase those tools themselves. All couples will be provided an overview of these advanced tools, and detailed instruction will be offered privately for interested couples.

CLASS DURATION: Please take into account the following when making your plans to attend a Boston Cross Check Class – Introductory class, as well as second and third class sessions are teaching classes that last approximately 2 -2.5 hours. The last follow up class is scheduled between you and your instructor within the time for your class and last approximately 30 minutes.

Return/Refund Policy:

Couples who need to make a change in their paid registration dates should call or email the Office of NFP to request a change in class registration. There is no fee to change class dates. Individuals requesting a refund of tuition fees, receive a complete refund minus a $25 service fee.