How does NFP work?

Natural Family Planning (NFP), is an umbrella term to describe several methods to achieve or postpone pregnancy by monitoring signs of fertility and infertility present in women and involves periodic abstinence. Couples who wish to avoid pregnancy choose to abstain from all sexual relations during the fertile phase of the woman’s cycle.

As a woman journeys through her menstrual cycle, certain changes in her body occur to indicate whether she is fertile or infertile. NFP teaches how to observe and chart daily one or more of these observable biomarkers: cervical mucus, vaginal sensations, basal body temperatures, and cervical changes. You will be taught how to cross-check and interpret these signs to determine fertile and infertile phases in the menstrual cycle, and how to follow rules for postponing or achieving pregnancy.

Different methods of NFP highlight different biomarkers of fertility. In the Diocese of Phoenix, we are pleased to offer most of the major national NFP methods. You are encouraged to read about about each type and to choose a full course of the method that seems just right for you!. As part of your training, you will be required to attend all your NFP classes and to provide charts to your NFP Instructor to confirm your knowledge of the method chosen. You can start your NFP classes together anytime after attending the God’s Plan for Joy-filled Marriage seminar.

“We started the class Using Contraception and will NOW use NFP for our form of family planning.”

“It was a great course and we feel even more connected as a couple because of it!”

“This class was very informational and enlightening. I enjoy the fact that it’s not only for families that are no longer wanting children but also for families that are trying to grow/start a family. There were many things I did not know about my body until these courses either and I look forward to knowing what to look for in the future. Our NFP coach was very helpful and very patient with my husband and I. We took multiple months to finish the courses as well as having to increase the class time. Lori was amazing and she helped us every step of the way.”