Sympto-Thermal Method (ST)

How is Sympto-Thermal Method Different?

For the Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP, observations are made daily of the biomarkers of: cervical mucus, vaginal sensation, basal body temperature, and optional cervical changes, and recorded with symbols on a chart. Clients are taught to cross-check and interpret these signs to determine fertile and infertile phases in a cycle, and the rules for postponing or achieving pregnancy.

What are our options for learning the Sympto-Thermal Method? 

The Diocese of Phoenix offers three options for instruction in the Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP. Each of these options involves guidance from a trained NFP instructor who will offer feedback as you learn and help you interpret your charts as you apply the rules to use Natural Family Planning. The first two options are group instruction with either parent company, SymptoPro Fertility Education™, or with our affiliates, Couple to Couple League International™, whose certified instructors will share the class material via small group PowerPoint presentations, client-centered learning activities, and individual consultation for at least four sessions. After the formal classes are completed, follow-up meetings are scheduled to help provide client autonomy. Additional consultations are available as needed.

The third option is a self-paced online course in SymptoPro Fertility Education™ method that is the approved by the Diocese of Phoenix and fulfills the NFP course requirement. It can be completed by couples remotely; for example, military couples or other couples where one of the two is living out of state.

All modes will connect you to a certified instructor that is assigned to you. Communication with your instructor is critical to the complete understanding and correct application of NFP in your life. It is your responsibility to stay in touch with your instructor.

Please take into account the following when making your plans to attend a class of ST (SymptoThermal Method) – Introductory class, as well as second and third class sessions are teaching classes that last approximately 2-2.5 hours.  The last follow up class is scheduled between you and your instructor within the time for your class and last approximately 45 minutes.

Register for ST Courses

Group instruction costs $130 per couple. Find SymptoPro Fertility Education ST classes now. Live group instruction, for the time being,  is offered in a virtual classroom. We hope to resume in-person group instruction again as venues become available.

Couple-to-Couple League (CCL) group instruction costs $140.00.  CCL Classes will resume fall 2020

SymptoPro Fertility Online Education™ costs $145-$170 per couple, depending on the type of Client Manual selected per couple.

SymptoPro Online Education Refund Policy

Individuals who have not logged into an online SymptoPro Fertility Education course within 30 days of enrollment in the course may receive a partial refund by contacting SymptoPro Fertility Education and also by contacting the Office of NFP at the Diocese of Phoenix. Packets of class materials must be returned unused within 30 days. Sign up for the Online ST course now.

Return/Refund Policy:

Couples who need to make a change in their paid registration dates should call or email the Office of NFP to request a change in class registration. There is no fee to change class dates. Individuals requesting a refund of tuition fees, receive a complete refund minus a $25 service fee.