NFP Facts

  • For Every Couple. It is compatible for use by all women during regular or irregular cycles, breast feeding, post-partum, pre-menopause or after discontinuing contraceptives.

  • Effective.  It has up to 99% effectiveness rate if properly learned and used according to instructions for avoiding or delaying pregnancy.

  • Helps Infertility. It assists couples trying to achieve pregnancy by identifying days of fertility and pinpointing potential causes of infertility.

  • Safe.  It has no medical side effects.

  • Inexpensive. There are no recurring costs after your initial instruction other than charts, stamps, thermometers.

  • Builds Great Marriages. It is designed to be a cooperative method of family planning between you, as husband and wife, as you learn to understand and responsibly relate to th life-giving potential of your combined fertility.

  • Morally Right. It is morally acceptable as NFP recognizes and respects the inseparable elements of the unitive and pro-creative purposes of the marital embrace.