NFP Resources

NFP Links

1. The following are links to online resources helpful to new NFP users, parish staff, and anyone who wants more information:

  • NFP Resources – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) website with many topics
  • Clergy Resources – USCCB website with resources for clergy such as homily tips, bulletin inserts, videos, and more
  • Natural Family Planning Outreach – NFP Outreach is a comprehensive clearinghouse for accurate, practical, up-to-date information on Natural Family Planning, its practice, its effectiveness, its benefits and its underlying moral principles

2. Blank Charts and Charting App. The following links are helpful for all who have taken an NFP course with us in the past and need a blank chart or charting app.

  • Client Chart – SymptoPro chart (only suitable for those who have taken a SymptoPro course)
  • BOMA – App for online charting with BOMA
  • FertilityCare App – This is produced by the Creighton Model FertilityCare System (only suitable for those who have taken a Creighton Method FertilityCare course)
  • Natural Method – This is produced by the Family of the Americas Foundation (only suitable for those who have taken a FAF course)

3. NFP Only Doctor’s list – This is a list of medical personnel who supports and promotes NFP in the city of Phoenix. For any doubt, appointment or clarification, please contact the health provider’s office directly. This is a reference list only.

NFP Videos

This video is intended to give a brief glimpse behind the truth about NFP as seen through the eyes of real couples actually practicing and teaching its beautiful gift to marriages.