1. Do your menstrual cycles seem pretty regular or pretty irregular to you?

2. Are your menstrual periods severely painful or do you have really bad PMS?

3. Are you concerned about your ability to conceive a child?

4. Do you like lots of one on one personal attention from an instructor or do you prefer learning in an online format or in a classroom setting?

Natural Family Planning - Phoenix, Arizona

5. Do you work night shifts or have varying waking times?

6. What makes you feel more comfortable?

NFP Method?

Sympto-Thermal method (STM)

You’ll take your temperature each morning and observe your cervical mucus each day; you may optionally check your cervix as well. For more information, check out: SymptoPro Fertility Education or Couple-to-Couple League International

Billings Method (BOMA) or Family of the Americas (FAF)

A mucus only method. You’ll observe your cervical mucus signs each day. For more information, check out: Billings Method (BOMA) or Family of the Americas (FAF)

Creighton Model (CrMs)

Please note that all methods of NFP can be used to identify women’s health issues, but the Creighton Model (CrMs) tends to be the model people most often choose for gynecological diagnoses and infertility issues, because there are physicians trained in Natural Procreative Technology or NaProTechnology in our city and throughout the country.

NWFS Sympto-Pro offers online NFP classes!

Take these classes online in the privacy of your own home but with the assistance of a dedicated teacher to guide you through the learning phase to become autonomous as a user. Sympto-Pro Fertility Education also offers online NFP classes!