Greetings! So, you and your fiancé or spouse are interested in taking the Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP online. We are here to help make the online class experience as helpful as a live class. To begin, we would like to share some important information about how the online NFP course is managed, just so there are no surprises later.

  1. The online series should not be started until after the engaged couple attends God’s Plan for Joy-filled Marriage Seminar.
  2. The entire series takes between 10-12 weeks to complete, depending on the couple’s completion of assignments and understanding. You are given 120 days in the online class system once your order is complete. If you don’t finish in 120 days, then you can purchase more time if you desire.
  3. This course is for the couple to take together, so both fiancées or spouses need to complete all assignments, either together or by logging in separately at different locations.
  4. Couples are expected to chart the biomarkers learned in the classes and the charts are shared through secure, encrypted emails with instructor for learning assessment.
  5. Classes are spaced so that assignments can be completed, and charting of menstrual cycles can occur. This is not something you can do all at one sitting on a free afternoon or evening! Please plan to spend approximately 2-3 hours per class.
  6. Quiz grades and time taken to complete are monitored and red flagged as problematic if quizzes are not passed and time spent on each question is low. Red flagging helps us to spot problems early and couples who need extra help will be referred to the NFP Coordinator for in-person class transfer.
  7. Each couple is assigned a certified NFP instructor from the Diocese of Phoenix. She will work with you via emails and doesn’t keep regular office hours. She can’t respond to questions immediately but always within a 3 business days window. General NFP questions can be answered by calling the NFP Office at the Diocese of Phoenix which is open 8:30-4, M-F.

We want you to have as stress free and happy prep period as possible and hope to help you learn some amazing things about your bodies and how you can use what they normally do to help plan your family. Be prepared to be blown away by what you learn!

If you still want to register for the ST Online NFP course, please check the box affirming you have read and agreed to all that the online classes entail which are laid out above. I Agree 

Or, you may have decided that an in-person class might be better for you. If so, please click here to go back to the registration website.