Downloadable Documents (Español)

Here are some useful documents that you can download to your computer:

  • Family of America Computer Chart in English: This chart is to be used in Excel. It is not for printing. Contact the office at 602-354-2233 for questions about how to use it or about your chart.
  • 2019 Schedule – Diocese of Phoenix Natural Family Planning Class Series schedule for 2019.
  • 2017 NFP Brochure – Diocese of Phoenix Natural Family Planning brochure for 2017.
  • 2009 Family Planning Survey Results – The Family Planning Survey was a great success revealing a higher level of NFP awareness and usage among Mass attending Catholic women in the Diocese of Phoenix than what is popularly assumed to be true. Catholic women in the Diocese of Phoenix survey also reported a lower percentage of contraceptive usage than the overall population. And, NFP users who also consistently attend Mass are not only more open to children, but reported overwhelmingly that they believed that NFP has had a positive impact on their marriage.
  • NFP General Flyer – “What is Natural Family Planning?” flyer (pdf document).
  • Client Chart – Sympto-Thermal Chart for registered clients’ use (Excel document).
  • Overview of Methods – (pdf document).
  • Married Couples – Suggested pre-requisites for your NFP course – (pdf document).