Step 2: Marriage Preparation Inventory

When: As soon as possible after meeting with your pastor or marriage prep coordinator.

Why:  You are joining together two lives with different experiences, family histories, and relational platters. As a result, you may have different expectations for married life. The marriage prep inventory provides a closer look at essentials topics you may or may not have discussed.

What: After meeting with your pastor or marriage prep coordinator, you will each be given a marriage preparation inventory to complete. The inventory is a series of questions designed to assist dialogue with your fiancé regarding goals, habits, expectations and values. Your answers are then assessed by your pastor or marriage prep coordinator and you are provided with a personalized profile of your relationship’s strengths and weaknesses. The inventory is an important starting point for couple discussion and offers a map of what issues need further consideration, time and attention, and/or problem solving. Completing the inventory usually takes 1-2 hours.

Where: Most marriage preparation inventories are conducted at your parish. After your inventories are scored, you and your fiancé will meet with a mentor couple to explore your answers.

“This inventory was a huge thing for our relationship.  There was so much we learned about each other here that you cannot get through dating, and certainly not through an online quiz. We were able to pinpoint potential problems in our marriage, and deal with them now.”